Oracle Business Intelligence 12c Installation Step By Step

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Oracle Business Intelligence 12c Installation Step By Step – Oracle Analytics Server is available! There is already a blog post talking about how to have a docker version up and running in minutes. Mia explains the GUI process, providing tips on how to automate the entire installation using response files. The steps are very similar to installing OBIEE12c, let’s check the details.

Before installing it is always a good practice to check which are the supported OS and Databases (for the RCU schemes). New for Oracle Analytics Server is that the certification matrix has migrated from an Excel sheet to a web page, making it easier to find information.

Oracle Business Intelligence 12c Installation Step By Step

For this initial OAS release, the supported os is Linux, with Oracle Linux 6 being the minimum release. Windows support will come later in the year

Oracle Analytics Server Step By Step Installation

It is also worth mentioning that according to documentation, the OAS RCU is only supported in Oracle Databases, as of 11.2, support for other databases will come in the future.

One of the prerequisites is the java JDK 1.8 8u211 or newer, which can be downloaded from the oracle website.

Before starting the installation, let’s look at the recommended directory: as for OBIEE12c Oracle documentation suggests storing the

Separate This is not only a good practice, by keeping binaries and configurations separate we avoid having problems when new OAS versions are released because they will be installed in new ones.

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This will open the installation GUI asking to configure the Oracle Inventory Directory and the OS Group, if not already configured on the same server.

The rest of the FMW installation is, selecting the installation, checking the prerequisites and checking the installation summary. An important step if you want to reproduce the same installation with a script in other environments is to save the response file. The file (in the following command named

) contains all the details of the arrangement, and, by changing some parameters, it can be reused for other installations.

Again, you may want to save the response file for later if you want to replicate the silent installation on another server.

Installing Oracle 19c On Windows Server 2019

Tab You can also specify tablespaces and a password for each of the created schemas. Also in this case there is an option to save the response file to do a silent installation.

The RCU schemas can also be created as part of the configuration process, I detailed it as a separate topic because the standalone rcu is more reliable and provides more options for tablespace and schema management.

. If you want to be compliant with the Oracle documentation and avoid problems in case of future in-place updates, put the

Being the two options available). Then we will have to point to the RCU scheme created earlier and decide the port range.

Prepare Yourself For Passing The Oracle Certified Master 12c Requirements!

If everything is configured correctly, you should receive a successful configuration with all services starting correctly.

The entire example above was performed on an OCI desktop instance installing schemas on DBaaS. This could be a solution for customers who want to use the Oracle cloud, but still need a level of customization and control higher than what is achievable in OAC.

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Download and install the latest VirtualBox from Now let’s prepare an environment (virtual machine) to install a bunch of software in VirtualBox. Windows is always an easy alternative. To keep my first simple I’ll go the Windows route. Otherwise Oracle Linux is a solid choice.

Create a new Windows virtual machine in Virtual Box and use a Windows ISO file to complete the installation. With the virtual machine configuration complete we can finally begin. The is divided into two sections

The installation will require us to download key software and execute them inside our VM and a configuration piece will take us to the promised land. Let’s get started.

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The directions from the Oracle website state that you must first install JDK8, then Web Logic Server, followed by OBIEE 12c and finally Oracle Database 12c. We need to use the database to create a repository for OBIEE 12c using Repository Creation Utility (RCU), more on that later.

The installation is quite easy, just follow the steps. We need JDK for the next installation of weic server so don’t skip it. Remember the installation location as this will be needed to update the PATH environment variable.

The second step is to install the Weic server 12c. It comes in a generic JAR file and can only be installed using java from the command line. Open the file and install it with the following command

This step took me a second because the previous step did not add the JAVA directory to my PATH environment variable and my JAVA command from the command line was not recognized. To add the JAVA location to your environment PATH , right-click My Computer and select properties. Go to Advanced Settings and click on Environment Variables. Find the system variable Path , click Edit and add the JAVA location to the beginning followed by a semicolon.

Install And Configure Obiee 12c On Windows Vm

The almost last step to install is OBIEE. Download the appropriate file for your platform. In my case I download these two files

After opening the Disk1_1of2 and running the installer I got the following error: “The archive could not be extracted because it is corrupted. Error code = 1”

So the trick to get around this error is that you have to use 7-zip and unzip the Disk1_1of2 twice. Details below.

Now the last step of the installation is to have a database available to host the OBIEE repository. If you have one, great, you can skip this step. Otherwise, the last installation step will be to configure the latest Oracle Database 12c. A few quick notes before we begin.

Configuring Obiee 12c [version]

B) container database (latest feature of 12c), earlier I had problems connecting to the orcl container database, but instead connect to the pdborcl pluggable database instead and you should be golden (Thanks Stewart)

Excellent! We got the whole installation part of all the stuff handled. We are at the home stretch !! We can see the light! On to settings.

We have two settings to complete. One is creating the repository using the RCU and the second is the OBIEE configuration.

Now to create OBIEE repository. First locate the RCU.bat inside your OBIEE home directory under oracle_common/bin. Run it as administrator and you should be greeted with the following

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Good!! The repository configuration is complete. Now on to the OBIEE configuration before we can launch the OBIEE sample Apps.

Thanks for sticking around until the end and hope you enjoyed getting to work with Business Intelligence 12c.

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Red Pill Analytics is a unique Analytics and Business Intelligence Delivery company, combining the best elements of cloud, Agile development, continuous integration, as-a-service and outsourcing into a service called Capacity Analytics. Hello everyone, in this blog I will be showing the steps to install and configure OBIEE 12C. As you all know that OBIEE stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition which belongs to the category of reporting tool. It is a very powerful tool and helps companies make faster business decisions using its unique features such as smart visual analytics and self-service discovery along with best-in-class enterprise analytics. Instant mobile, highly interactive dashboards, powerful operational reporting, timely alerts, content and metadata

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